INSPIRATIONAL art magazine, August issue now on sale.


Welcome to issue 64, the August issue of the contemporary arts magazine Inspirational.
In this issue we have interviews with contemporary artists: Hercules Santos Trigo; Mark Hopper; Ramesh Aundhkar; as well as featuring artwork by: John David Caudle; Joni Belaruski, Nitiksha Dawar; and a feature on the first exhibition put on at the Tyynela gallery in Finland - ECO-FEMINA.
As always, Inspirational is packed with the words, the voices, and full page, full colour representations of all featured artists work.
The cover artist for this issue is Joni Belaruski.
To get yourself an instant downloadable copy of this brand new issue, straight to your inbox, just follow the link:
Inspirational - supporting working artists across the world.

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