This is the cover for Inspirational 15, which will be released on May 28. This issue has five in depth interviews with previous Inspirational artists, catching up with them since they were originally featured, and showing new vibrant work by them. It is a way of celebrating the relaunch of Inspirational after a year's break by me due to my father's illness and death. I thought it would be a good cathartic healing step for me to put Inspirational back out there - and it has been, I have enjoyed it immensely, enjoyed working with the artists again, and will therefore enjoy working on Inspirational 16 and onwards.

Inspirational will be introducing new regular features in the coming issues. The first new regular features in this issue are an 'Opinion' page, and an 'Events' page. The opinion page is my chance to write a piece about themes on creativity, and the environment of the artist. The events page will be a regular feature that highlights current exhibitions, events, and festivals across the planet.

I hope that you are excited as I am at this new Inspirational, the first of many. Inspirational - the downloadable contemporary art magazine, will be available from May 28 2018, and full details will follow.