***GREAT NEWS...***

After the gap of a full year, after saying that I won't be producing any more Inspirationals, here we are with the announcement of a new Inspirational issue.

Inspirational 15 will have the title 'New Work' and will be in many ways a reconnection with the original Inspirational, taking five Inspirational artists from previous issues of the magazine, showing and interviewing them about their present work, their present perspective. Those five artists are: Elizabeth Bunsen, Shannon Weber, FrikkxBea LastCos Ahmet.

There are 186 Inspirational artists so far, and any of those could have been chosen for this issue. These five are an example of those 186 artists, and show what Inspirational is about - to inspire creativity.

Inspirational 15 will be released this month, and Inspirational 16 with a brand new set of artists will be released in June 2018.


  1. Was very happy to get your 5/2 email about the new issues coming up. Looking forward to the release of Inspirational 15!

    1. Thank you very much. It will be on its way soon.


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